Absolute Pressure Washing, LLC is owned by Stephen M. Landeche, Sr and his wife, Jennifer Landeche.

Steve Landeche is a Small Business Entrepreneur who served in the Air Force and spent years in both Sales and Management. After being Honorably Discharged from the Air Force due to budget cuts, and while still serving as a reservist, Steve was promoted 5 times in 10 years at Seacoast Supply. While there, through successfully managing delivery crews, he rose to the position of Sales Representative, where he increased average sales and renewed sales relationships with lost accounts.

In August of 2002, Steve started Absolute Pressure Washing, LLC with a childhood friend, in addition to working at Seacoast Supply, to generate extra income. In 2004, Steve and his wife, Jennifer, assumed total ownership of Absolute Pressure Washing and he left Seacoast Supply to work his business full-time. He has since successfully built his business to withstand the tough economy and the devastation Hurricane Katrina brought to the area. He has built long-standing and profitable relationships with both homeowners and large businesses, such as the Louisiana Superdome and Ports America Louisiana.

Steve enjoys helping people. His business has provided him with many opportunities to serve others. He regularly goes above and beyond what his services require, letting homeowners know if there is any area of concern that he notices while he is working, and doing a little extra here and there. He has also given his services freely to those in need, pressure washing homes and cutting grass for the elderly and the sick. He uses the experience he gained as a youth working on cars with his father to help those in difficult financial situations change their oil, a tire, or otherwise diagnose and repair their cars. Steve also occasionally serves as a coach on his sons’ teams and provides whatever assistance he is able to provide, from supplying water to grounds-keeping.

Steve has been active in church, teaching both children and adults, and performing services such as cooking meals for fundraising and outreach. He works hard to allow his wife to stay home and homeschool their four sons, while raising them to understand how to run a business and treat others responsibly.

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