What is “deadheading”?

When you remove the old, dead flowers (or dying flowers) from your plant, you are deadheading! Are you leaving those old dead heads on your plant? You may want to consider removing them. Deadheading has some distinct advantages for your plant and your garden.

First of all, your plant, and garden, looks better when you deadhead. Old, dying flowers just aren’t as attractive as bright beautiful new ones. But there are other benefits to deadheading, as well. Removing the old blooms encourages your plant to form new ones; so with a little effort, you may get more blooms! And if your plant is self-seeding, removing the dead blooms will prevent unwanted plants from growing.

What plants do best with deadheading? Deadheading is best for annuals and perennials that bloom for a long time. You may want to deadhead your: crape myrtles, vitex, roses, oleander and althea.

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