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    Garden Care

1. Mulch shrub and flower beds to get plants off to a good spring start and minimize weed problems.

2. February is the ideal time to fertilize trees.

3. Watch azaleas during February for lacebugs. They cause the foliage to havenumerous small white spots and they feed underneath lower foliage. Control with horticultural oil sprays or Orthene.

    What to plant right now…

1. Winter is a great time for planting trees. Some excellent native species for Louisiana include Nuttall oak, Shumard oak, winged elm, Southern red oak, willow oak, red maple, Southern magnolia, baldcypress, and mayhaw.

2. Plant gladiolus during late February in south Louisiana. Prolong the blooming season by planting at two- to three- week intervals for a couple of months.

3. February is a good time to plant container or bare-root roses. Bare-root rose bushes should be planted by the end of February. Early planting allows rose bushes to become established in their new locations before they begin to bloom. This increases the number and quality of flowers, and the bush is more prepared to deal with summer heat when it arrives around May. Plant roses in sunny, well-prepared beds that have excellent drainage.

From Horticulture Hints, Winter 2010-2011, LSU AgCenter, School of Plant, Environmental and Soil Sciences, 155 J.C. Miller Hall – LSU, Post Office Box 25100, Baton Rouge, LA 70894-5100

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